Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Right Now

This started out as an outfit post on a day I was sorting things (I sort things on a ridiculously regular basis)... but then I realized, I wasn't wearing "an outfit" per say. So I'm turning this into an "About Me Right Now" post.
Right Now
I'd like to: 
-make a better gallery wall
-start another Art Journal challenge
-take a course in French, and something in Photography, or really anything. I just love taking courses
-start a local museum and education centre.

I work, I teach a photo club, I try to end child abuse and poverty, I go to Church, I promote my beautiful town.

I make: 
-nature Art

I watch:
-Walking Dead
-Once Upon a Time
-Parks and Rec
-About a Boy

I'm insecure about my weight, my skin, how emotional I get

I'm inspired by Sabine Timm and Beci Orpin

I'm reading:
-anything on the Creative/DIY lifestyle
-anything magical realism
-Winter's Tale by Mark Helprin
I listen to these songs the most:
The Show - Lenka
Be Not so Fearful - A.C. Newman
Let's Fall in Love - Mother Mother
Crash into Me - Dave Matthews
Don't Leave Me - Regina Spektor
Get Some - Lykke Li
In Your Car - Big Deal
I'm Sensitive - Jewel
Angel Eyes - Jeff Healey
(and as always, anything Belle & Sebastien, Stars, Regina Spektor, Badly Drawn Boy, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Coeur de Pirate)

I'm looking forward to:
-more nature collages, hikes and biking
-Jennah's wedding
-Fan Expo in Toronto

And here is an absolutely ridiculous photo....
I think both the shirts are H&M, but Forever 21 has great pineapple shirts.
The necklace I bought at shop in Port Dover, and the feather earrings are from a trading post in Agawa.

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Teddi said...

charity, i adore this post! "about a boy" is such a cute show. it's got such heart. it's produced by the same guy (jason katims)that produces my fave tv show "parenthood". he also did that very old alien show "roswell" (which featured a very young katherine heigel) way before she did "grey's anatomy" & romantic comedy movies. if i ever blog again, i may steal this post idea.