Monday, June 23, 2014

Places I Go: Bike Trail along Lake Ontario, Hamilton

My friends and I went biking down at the Hamilton Bay front the other evening. The trail is so well-maintained, and that day was absolutely perfect weather  for it. You bike a long the lake, and past little cottages and parks and larger condos, and tons of wild flowers. Some of the path is under tree tunnels and there are little brown rabbits everywhere! The only downside, if it's a downside, it's well-used. So on a bike, you often have to swerve around little kids on roller blades or couples slowly wandering the path together. Anyway, the point is, it's really nice. Unfortunately, being me, I mostly photographed my friends and the wild flowers, not the trail. 
Aren't these salsify lovely? I had to google them because they look JUST LIKE GIANT DANDELIONS! Apparently they have edible roots that taste just like oysters. No thanks.
 I did however, have some trail photos on my phone, plus I asked Joe and Jeff to send me their's.
You have to put your bike in this trough, while you walk upstairs to get up to the bridge. That was a little weird for me, my bike was kind of too heavy. 
Look at all the purple grass behind the salsify! 
And then, headed home through down town...
Coming along the lift bridge between Hamilton and Burlington, I couldn't help but think how much I love cities and the secret places that only locals know about that make them special. I guess that applies to small towns too - really anywhere....


Carolynn Markey said...

I love how candid these pictures are. also, that gray bag you are carrying looks so comfy!

Teddi said...

ooo you're right about secret places. i think those are everywhere. maybe someone should write a book about how to find the hidden gems or secret places in where you live. then book 2 could be how to find the hidden gems when you visit somewhere.