Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Lately I've been even more obsessed with photographing flowers, and collecting little pieces of nature into collages.
I work, and still love libraries and book stores.
I read the Book Thief, and I genuinely understand the craze.... I think it's beautifully written, although very sad. It's about the perseverance of the human spirit, (and almost more allegory than typical narrative) and those are ALWAYS my favourite.
I've been helping my sweet friend plan her wedding. This is not what I'm wearing, just a dress I ordered at the same time I got my bride's maid dress from Modcloth.
A few of my herbs, and some other pretty bits from the garden.
I still like to paint childish, colourful paintings.
And everything I create is pink, purple (and red). I adore this crochet blanket I thrifted.
I haven't been helping at the soup kitchen as much lately. Not that I ever really did, I just go... haha.
I've been gluing googly eyes to everything in sight.
I made the decision to buy nothing new for the next year. I really need to save some money. I acquired this weird unicorn dish prior to the decision, (for $0.75 at the Library yard sale!) I'm not sure used things count anyway, I haven't decided officially. I'm kinda waiting to start FOR REAL until after Jennah's wedding, Comic Con and Fan Expo to be honest... haha
And of course, a snap of my little mutant (her legs are way too short for her body). She's so cuddly and sweet though! 

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Teddi said...

the one with you in the stacks of books on shelves is awesome! hello gorgeous in that modcloth dress. i like the one of you on your bed with the thrifted blanket too. i don't think used things count. what an honorable challenge. i bet it really makes you think about what you want vs what you really need, right?