Friday, June 20, 2014


I was able to upgrade my phone on my phone plan about a month ago... so I finally got an iphone 5.... I know why people end up taking so many photos on their phones. The camera is just so much better than on the 3. Plus Free People did a post on great photo apps, and for once, someone got it right! I love all 5 of the apps they recommended. Also now that my phone works properly, playing around with photo editing on my phone isn't a long and tedious process.
 And I even like my phone firework photos as much and for different reasons, I think.
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Anonymous said...

I didn't think iPhone photos would be that good. How good is the resolution? I am still using a camera myself.

Mike said...

Tried to post a comment but, no luck.

Teddi said...

holy awesome! as i'm reading your posts i'm like charity's blog is like her scrapbook.