Saturday, June 14, 2014

Dunnville Mudcat Festival Fireworks: Long Exposure Photography

Dunnville doesn't have fireworks for Canada Day, instead the town hosts a giant firework display during the Mudcat Festival. It's always over the river, which is a pretty river anyway... but there's something about cramming into a park with so many other local people to watch the colourful explosion over the water... it's basically magical.

My camera settings, if you're interested, ISO 200, f8, and I varied the shutter speed anywhere between 3 and 8 seconds. Generally, those are reliable "Midway"/Firework display settings, just don't forget your tripod! Happy week-end friends.


Mike said...

Fireworks photos are terrific, thanks for posting them. I don't understand how such a young lady can be a really good photographer and be so photogenic in the bargain. Keep up the great work. Thanks again,

Teddi said...

sooo pretty charity! did you already tell us what a mudcat festival was, & i forgot?

Teddi said...
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