Monday, June 9, 2014

Comic Con Niagara Falls

I had no plans to go to Niagara Falls Comic Con this year, but at the last minute, it worked out. Two years we went, and I think it was only it's in second year at the time. It was good, but much, much smaller. This year we went on the Saturday and had to wait an hour and a half roughly to buy our tickets and get in. The place was packed. There aren't as many vendors as a larger show, but there was definitely a good variety and lots to see. I didn't bother meeting any guests, because all my favourite Walking Dead stars will be at the Toronto show in August. Chandler Riggs was at the Niagara Falls show, but I talked to him for quite a while two years ago (the show was so small, he just wandered around checking out comic book vendors). Now he's one of the most bad ass characters on the show, but who knew that then? At that point he was just the annoying kid who wouldn't stay in the house.
Angel Szafranko was there. I won a giveaway on her blog ages ago, and admired her work since before that. Check out her blog here and etsy shop here. She made her Carebear dress by the way. It's how I recognized her! 
You can tell all the kids from the 80s and 90s are the ones into this stuff right now. This is totally okay with me. 

For the last part of the show, I switched to my cellphone for photos. The quality was alright and it was easier than dealing with a larger camera in such a crowded building.
Jeff met Kevin Sarbo. Joe and I took some photos.
There were a few Ricks and other TWD characters, but this was my favourite this round.
Joe's final purchase of the day! 


Angel said...

Ahhh The picture turned out nice. I always feel like i'm going to blink and ruin it.
I'm jealous that you saw so many more cosplayers than i did. That older joker looks pretty awesome.

Teddi said...

i'm glad joe went with you. my fave are the jawas characters. i think that's what they're called. it's my bro that's into star wars.