Thursday, June 26, 2014

Awesome Promises and Community Pride

One thing I'd like to do with this blog, is devote posts to worthy causes. If you know a cause that needs a little promotion, this blog doesn't have a huge following, but I would still love to hear about it, and eventually post about it.

Please email your cause to

To start, here are three causes on my heart lately,
I can't verify the credibility of the causes that I will post about... just share them because I appreciate their ambitions.

Because I said I would is an organization that was started by Alex Sheen. Upon request, you will be mailed a set of ten promise cards (each which say 'Because I said I would'). The idea is that with each card, you make a promise to somehow better humanity, and then do it, just because you said you would. I learned about it here, from a man who stood outside a bar providing rides to people who had been drinking, after someone he knew killed a man while driving drunk.

The promises don't have to be earth shattering, (or drinking related even though all of the examples I provided are). It's just about personal commitments to make the world a better place.

2. The Awesome Foundation, this organization has been spreading world wide. Basically, in each community a panel of ten people get together and each donate $100/month. The $1000 is then given, with no strings attached, to the best project proposal for community improvement. I read about the Sydney chapter in Frankie Magazine. These photos are from the San Antonio chapter... there are Canadian chapters as well.

3. Heart Dunnville, (my own cause of course!) was inspired by the Awesome Foundation in part. I don't yet have the resources to start an Awesome Foundation here, but Dunnville definitely needs one! At this point, the goal is just to spread some community pride, and eventually do some fundraising for all the local non-profit organizations and projects that may need a shot in the arm. I'm also surrounded by so many talented people, and also very much impressed with how important shopping local and indie is, (my crazy long post on why here), so hopefully I can share more about that. On another, more serious note, Heart Dunnville came into being for me, because I so desperately want to help end child and teen abuse and poverty, but I have no idea where to even start, and somehow while thinking about that.... Heart Dunnville happened. So... if you have any tips at all on how I can really advocate for changes that will protect and help children and teens, please let me know. And back to Heart Dunnville, I have so many ideas for it's direction and I'm just so excited! I couldn't even sleep last night. 
Want to get involved? Let me know! or via facebook! 

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Teddi said...

this series rocks! people continue to amaze me.