Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Outfit Post: More Things To Avoid

If you want to know what things to avoid when doing an outfit post, you've come to the right place.

Don't stand like this, because you look stupid.
Don't look at your camera screen, if you can help it, because you're pupils will definitely look weird.
Don't post boring, unflattering outfits. 
Oddly, this is okay.

This on the other hand, is ridiculous
Don't spend a million dollars on customs, to get a bunch of clothing from Modcloth, and then over expose the image of the cute sweater and take the photo in a dusty mirror, while making a really stupid face with a pillow on the floor in the background.
Don't always wear the same clothes?
At least with my hair down, it's not completely obvious.
And another double.
Also, pattern pattern combos can be fun... but look in the mirror before you go out
to make sure they actually work....
I wore this ... to Church.

Basically the point is, don't take short cuts. Use a tripod. If you look a clown,  join a circus.

1 comment:

Teddi said...

ha-ha-ha! i'm sure i've done every single one of these things to avoid. the bun hair with statement necklace is a beautiful outfit! i didn't see any clowns.