Thursday, May 15, 2014

Inspiration: My favourite artists

Awhile ago now, I was visiting my favourite blogs and I saw this gorgeous drawing.
Visit the blog here
I always like blog headers that are drawn, so I contacted the blogger because I wanted her to do mine (I can't decide what to do, so I haven't commissioned anything yet) and she told me that the header was designed by Lauren Holgate. Lauren has an etsy shop, and I went through her postcards and illustrations, and seriously fell in love.

I bought this set immediately.
I have collected post cards all my life, and this set is definitely in my favourites. I love the simplicity, and the muted colours, and just the way she draws the human form. 

My other favourite artist right now, is Beci Orpin. I flip through her book Seek & Find over and over. It's not the craft ideas particularly that I love, just her whole way of seeing and presenting the world.
Part of her house with her handmade pillows.
Her blog.
Her pin board of her works.
I just can't stop being inspired by her.

We live in this world, where people create such beautiful things all the time... and sometimes, we forget to appreciate THAT in all the chaos.


Teddi said...

so true that we do need to remember to appreciate & see the inspiration! i can comment if i go directly to your blogspot instead of using bloglovin.

flutter whirl said...

Just discovered your blog and am really enjoying it! Your writing is fun and refreshing and so down to earth! You're someone I would go to a cafe with and have long fun chats!
Have a beautiful day!