Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Hometown: Places I Go

People always want to move away from small towns, even in the movies. A lot of the time, it's necessary because there just aren't the job or education opportunities. Small towns, like cities, have their own unique character and I've enjoyed photographing mine and uncovering it's History any time I've had the chance.
Dunnville, on the Grand River, last December
The Grand River is actually one of Canada's Heritage Rivers, but for some reason, no one ever seems to mention this. The river was central to trade and commerce when Canada was growing as a nation. Historical speaking, it also belonged to the Six Nations. After their support of the British Empire during the War for Independence, they were kicked off their land in the North US. In return, they were given 6 miles on either side of the Grand. A lot of the land was given to various settlers, by Joseph Brant, but much of it was simply taken by squatters. 
The Long Bridge connecting Dunnville and Byng was wiped out quite a few times by floods. This one is much more sturdy, and flooding is much more controlled.
Plus who couldn't love a town with a giant mudcat statue? It's just too quirky charming for words.
The whole area is beautiful. .
The town has a lot of historical significance actually, but I won't give you any more of a History lesson.
I love our downtown core. There are quite a few really great shops, and overall, there is so much potential. It's one of those places with quite a few older buildings still, that just needs some love.
The mouth of the Grand, and Lake Erie, are both so close and so beautiful. Port Maitland use to be a booming tourist location with a number of extravagant hotels. When the beach washed away, the tourists went too. But even aside from the Lake, the whole area is scenic. We have real farms still, not just the city "country" that has taken over in other places closer to Hamilton.
We also have trees, wildlife and parks. Maybe it's a bit cheesy to post about your town like you're writing a commercial, but I really do love it. It's home. 

For the complete, and ever growing set of hometown photographs, please visit me on flickr.


Chelsea Sutcliffe said...

Awesome Post Charity!! Your images make me homesick.

Carolyn Marn said...

Nice photography! :o)

Carolyn Marn said...
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loree wilson said...

Great pics Charity

Teddi said...

it's not cheesy! i think it's like a love letter. your stunning photos are fabulous. they show off your skill range. i bet it will be interesting for you to look back at this in the future to see how these things continue to change or stay the same.