Monday, May 5, 2014

Hamilton's Antique Avenue: Places I Go

Ottawa Street in Hamilton is traditionally known as the Fabric District because that's where all the Fabric Shops are (still). There's also a bra-making supply store, which for some reason, really fascinates me.
Yes, the street sign is buttons and a needle and thread.... pretty cute.

Anyway, Ottawa Street also has a number of Antique Shops and my favourite is Antique Avenue. I hadn't been in in a few years, and they've really done a lot of work to better display their wares.
I even found a card catalogue that I would love to own, but for what reason?
This is all vinyl... and there's more of it the row over, and throughout the store. That's a lot of vinyl.
Pink theatre seats?! Yes please!
For the record, mason jars are cheaper at Value Village, so if you just want them for DIYs don't get them here.... this is a very impressive selection though. 
And a whole rack of vintage wedding dresses. I'm not sure why I thought this was so interesting. I guess because no one has a whole collection of dresses.
And tons of signs and man cave decor. Not for me, but still interesting.
I think I go to these places just because I find it relaxing looking at all the weird things people collect and keep over the years.
My thrifted treasures.... the crochet blanket in purple and pink that I immediately washed,dried and put on my bed. I'm addicted to collecting these things, not practical, but great for photo props and at least, cosy. The Bowie shirt, I wear small, it says medium on the tag, but I'm not entirely sure it will fit comfortably. It was worth it though. The shirt and blanket are from Value Village, not Antique Avenue.

The photograph.... I've been collecting photographs by Dunnville photographers. It started with one I found on Etsy (in Alaska). I found this one in Hamilton, which is closer to home, but still not home... so that's kind of cool. The photographer is Borel. I like that although the portraits are nameless, they still have meaning through the photographer who took them. 

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