Monday, April 28, 2014

T-shirt Design and Puff Paints

First off, I've been playing around a lot in photoshop lately. My favourite is the double exposure one. I've been doing more of them, with subjects besides myself, but I haven't perfected it enough to want to share yet. I've making more of the flower head bands today hopefully, although I'm finding it difficult to find the band I like as a base. I have an alternative I'm trying today.
I've also been playing around with t-shirt design. I just made these ones with old fashioned puff paint. Today, I'm trying stamping, with homemade stamps.
This pose is ridiculous, but I was trying to get the shirt in, still be in the window light, and basically, it was just the only one that semi worked. Dunnville has a giant mudcat roadside attraction. Our mascot is a mudcat. It's a long story and I'm sure I've shared it before. A friend of mine had a children's shirt from the 70s, that said "Get Muddy" on it.... and I loved it, so decided to make my own. I don't like the result of colouring in with puff paint, so I'll definitely re-do this one with a stamp.

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