Monday, April 21, 2014

Places: Terra Greenhouse in Hamilton

It was Resurrection Sunday yesterday, and such a beautiful day. After Church, we had a breakfast lunch, (at the Church), and then took this kid back to Hamilton so he can finish up his exams.
I was super excited because the girl got my name right at Starbucks, and then we learned that Jeff is one of those people that doesn't give his real name, so he was Miguel for the day, and probably forever after.
On the way in to Hamilton, on Highway 20, we passed a giant greenhouse, Terra. I'd heard about it at work, and begged to stop. It ended up being the only thing open, so despite Jeff's protests that it would be too traumatic for him, because he hates the commercials so much, we ended up there on the way home.
The plants themselves were pretty fairly priced. I found the flower pots and outdoor garden decorations a bit over priced though. The herb selection was very small, which was a bit disappointing. On the way out though, I found some mini succulents, so that redeemed more early disappointment. Joe found some fruit bushes or something for 20% off, so he was pleased as well. Jeff wasn't traumatized at all.
All the sales people were ridiculously nice. One took the time to assure me photographing the flowers was fine, I guess I must have looked sheepish when she saw me. 
I originally picked out some chives, lavendar, a fern, and English daisies.
But then I found the mini succulents and two colourful flower pots, so I put the fern and lavender back for a later day.
And my super white feet and glittery shoes.... my little patch of earth.

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