Friday, April 25, 2014

Macro Filters: Photography

I shoot almost entirely with a "nifty fifty" lens. I love f1.8.
A few weeks ago I found a cheap set of macro filters, (+1, +2, +4, +10). The filters screws right on to the front of the lens. Being as they were cheap, the quality isn't perfect, but I love the abstract, semi dreamy feel they create, so I'm sure I will keep using them.
Both of these were photographed with the +10. It was definitely the toughest to use because if you shift your hand even slightly, you move off the focused in spot, and have to re-focus. That's how careful you have to be. Ultimately, I took the camera off auto-focus and just moved closer or farther way until the spot I wanted was in focus. Then I tried to snap the shutter as quickly as possible so I wouldn't move. Tripods are probably a good idea with this magnification. 
All the rest were photographed with the +4 macro filter.
Does anyone else play around with this? Any advice?

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