Monday, April 28, 2014

Inspiration: I thought I had way more bookmarked this week

This My Neighbour Totoro themed photo session.
I really love that she worked graphics right into the images.
Basically all of the tshirts at
But I was thinking this one particularly would be cute for work.
They also sell the Le Petit Prince tshirt I want very badly.

Has anyone tried this make-up? I hear it's very good as an alternative to regular foundation if you aren't ready to make your own.
I'm ready to start experimenting with making my own beauty products, but I think foundation is still a bit too complicated for me, plus getting the ingredients is going to be tough.

I haven't bought Norman Reedus' photo book, because his work is a bit creepy for me, despite the fact I can appreciate how talented he is, 
(although if he comes to Fan Expo this year, I will likely purchase it, so he can sign it, since I had a photograph with me last year, anyway....) so I'm sharing this review Andrew Lincoln wrote of the book instead, because it's just so nice. 

Every photograph is in some way autobiographical, as its composition and content all depend on the eye and the mind of the taker. But I would suggest not attempting this with these images.
I first met Norman on a blistering hot Georgia day four years ago. I have been trying to pin him down ever since and he has constantly eluded me. He is one of those rare human beings (if indeed he is one), that continues to surprise you the more you get to know him.
These photos are capricious. One moment brutal, the next beautiful, sexual, and vulnerable in equal measure. In the blink of an eye, innocence turns to experience and everywhere there are masks…Some of the most liberating and exuberant photos involve masks. But my favourite images are playful and bewitching.
I had never met a Norman until Mr. Reedus appeared in my zombie apocalypse.
He was my first Norman after 39 years on this planet.
And so, as Barry White so eloquently put it…Norman is, “my first, my last, my everything.”
“Did I ever tell you you’re my hero?” — Bette Midler
I love their bromance so much!

So that it's for today... rather uneventful... happy week friends!

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