Monday, April 21, 2014

Flower Crowns

I got it in my head that I really wanted to make flower headbands. I had no particular inspiration for this thought, although since then, I've noticed them everywhere. I'm guessing somewhere along the road, the idea seeped into my subconscious. 
I couldn't decide what to do for the actual "crown" part, but I found these wreaths at the dollarstore, so I count and glued them so they looked how I wanted. I added an assortment of flowers. 
I love the daisy crown the most, but basically when I was trying them out, I realized how impractical they are for daily use. They aren't overly comfortable to be honest. I think because the wreath was literally a wreath.
On a whim, I stuck some extra flowers on a left-over hair-band from an older project.
This one definitely is the best... and all I did was hot glue fake flowers to a wide hair-band.
I wore it yesterday, and so many people said they liked it, (and that was at a greenhouse surrounded by gorgeous flowers!) It's so comfortable I forgot it was on my head.
My only advice.... I used the large flowers at the front of the band, and then tapered them off as the headband got smaller, rather than using all the same size flower. I think it looks more finished, and oddly less unnatural (as natural as fake flowers on a hair-band in your hair can look!)

I'm definitely going to make more, including likely, one with daisies.

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