Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Children's Book Illustrator (and Author) Ruth Ohi

I never really stopped loving children's books. I think part of that reason is the lovely illustrations. When people discuss artists, they don't often focus on all the talent and dedication that goes into illustration. Being as I worked as a teacher, and now a librarian, I thought I'd start occasionally posting on a few of my favourites.

So here you go....
I was drawn to this book because of it's large, simple, watercolour drawings. They're really cute and not at all drab. (Frog and Toad is one of my favourite books ever, but green and brown illustrations are drab, in my opinion).

The story is simple. The main character is trying to find quiet activities to do while his little brother naps. The big brother mouse is considerate of his brother and wants to be helpful to his mother. Parts of the story are humorous and so is the end of the story.

Ruth Ohi, the author and illustrator, is Canadian.
I liked that her stories are "aware" with distinct messages, without being too in your face.
And of course, as you can see, her illustrations are beautiful.

Her website is here and she provides fun activities to go along with her stories here.
The suggested age level is 3 to 7 for this book. There are about ten words per page on average, without any unusual or complicated phrases.

To read a more in-depth review, visit here.

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