Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Antiques can be weird and racist: Places I Go

In St. Jacob's, Ontario, just beside the market, there is a giant antique place, with individual vendors lining the aisles. I've never actually purchased anything, or really found anything I wanted... before this weekend. This time, it was very nearly heart-wrenching walking away with only one teeny tiny purchase.
A log cabin doll house
Multiple reasonably priced globes
This was my favourite find; a miniature wooden toy rabbit hutch, but for $45.00, there was no way I could justify buying it.

They also had a Rainbow Brite doll, and I've been looking for one for ages, but it wasn't in the best condition, so I passed this time.

And here a few of my racist finds....

And a few just interesting items...
Wooden toys are so great. I really love this one.

My final purchases?
Gobo Fraggle. Yep, that's correct. I also found the bracelets and mushroom knitty knotty at a weaving studio in the actual town. I can't believe how cute that mushroom is.
The stupid thing is, I recently got rid of all my yarn because I wasn't using it and it was taking up space. Sigh. So for now, the mushroom is contributing to my inspiration wall.

For those of you wondering, after the Market fire, there is a temporary building housing the food vendors. The other building, where normally the crafts and flea market stuff is housed, also has a lot of food vendors. Unfortunately, the day I was there, that building was SOOOO full of people and very, very hot, but maybe that was just the day. 

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