Friday, March 28, 2014

Thrift Store Finds for $7

There's a thrift shop in my town, and to be honest, I forget the name... I think it has something to do with angels. I passed it all the time but never went in and someone the other day at work told me it's so big you can get lost, probably not literally, but you get the point. On her recommendation, I decided to try it. I had just been to a Value Village the day before (in the city, not in Dunnville) and I found way more, for better prices at this place on the edge of town.
A few little wooden ornaments to re-decorate and abandon places for people to find.
The whole collection, and I think it cost maybe $7.00 tops.
I'm really happy with the Blythe sized shelf, picnic table and flower pots.
I don't know what I'll do with this little one yet.
My favourite find, a panda piggy bank!
 And a new pineapple for my collection. This is a salt or pepper shaker without his other half... but I don't mind him solo.

I've been experimenting with a new style of editting. Rather than lightening or over exposing my images, (to create a dreamy look), I've been darkening them quite a bit. I kinda like the new look to be honest, but I'm open for criticism.

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