Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Inspiration: Colour

I have been so inspired by bright colours lately, especially a mix of pink, red, teal and blue.
The crochet blankets are a thrifted find that I couldn't be more pleased with. I thought they would make great props for baby and family portraits. 
I use to love getting the little chicks for Easter, so I couldn't resist scooping them up when I was at Michael's. I gave one to each of the photo club teens to photograph over the next two weeks, kind of like a travelling gnome.
Gumballs are so cheerful looking. They really aren't great for gum though, they lose their flavour so fast.
A photo for my "my patch of earth" project. Two of my favourite things...tea and love.
You can see the green paint I spilled on the carpet. The throw rug is suppose to cover it.
My handmade feather garlands, and the letters I cut out to make a new blog header. 
Then I remembered how much I like the header I have, so I probably will use the letters and feathers for facebook instead.

So a little bit of tacky, colourful cheer from me to you!

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