Thursday, March 20, 2014

Hope can be such a disappointment

I don't have any major confessions or rants to write today, I just feel like doing a post about feelings so here goes. I believe in hope. I'm not sure people realize how devastating it can be so be such a hopeful person. There is this part of me, no matter what is going on, deep inside, I always know things will be okay. How can that be bad? I guess that's a valid question. But say you want to make real changes in your life. Make more money as an obvious example? Hope can make you complacent. You believe that ultimately things will work themselves out and so you don't do all the work that maybe needs to be done. Hope can also be very depressing. You think "tomorrow things will get better" and they aren't.. and you're left with the disappointment that can legitimately go hand in hand with hope.

That being said, hope is also a great motivator. You can look at the world and know that you can make a difference no matter how small. You just have to apply yourself. You realize that maybe you can't change generations of evil, but you can impact your generation. When people say "You can't change the whole world", you realize that you can improve the little patch of ground on which you stand.

I am glad I believe in hope and dreams, and as much as I get discouraged and hate how optimistic I inherently am sometimes, I really believe that love and faith (an extension of hope) are the two things that make the world a better place. In fact, I am convinced that they are the ONLY things that really can make a difference in this world. Pain, retaliation and hate create more pain and more and hope break down all the things that make us hurt each other. Jesus said there were two commandments for this day and age, "love God" and "Love your neighbour as yourself", and in these you'll fulfil the law. I think those are some pretty good words for a life well lived.

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