Monday, March 10, 2014

Craft Fair and Photo Exhibit Part 1

My table
These are cutting boards, but this friend of the family also sells gorgeous wood crafts, which you can't really see in this photo.
A friend of mine selling vintage clothing, graphic tees and an assortment of other goods.
Friends of the Library... selling books... obviously
These ladies made me some perfect baby photo props which I will share soon.
Gluten free delicious treats (and by delicious, I mean starbucks cake pops times ten and made out of healthy things like quinoa!) Jackie also takes clothing, shoes, basically anything, and adds crochet to make gorgeous one of a kind pieces.
This lady makes the BEST purses. She takes old leather coats and things and sews them into bags. Talk about re-purposed. See that brown one in the corner? The strap is a belt. I want that bag so bad. You have no idea... it's beautiful. 
Sarah and Jeff at the Penny Sale. You can see some of the jewellery from another booth in the foreground.
Bouquets of chocolate? Yes please.

This lady makes amazing jams and baked goods. She's been doing craft fairs for years, so I went to her when I needed hints organizing and finding vendors.

I didn't take the photos above. They were actually taken by this lovely girl. Veronica is a member of the Dunnville Teen Photographers. She did an excellent job capturing the event and also photographing the people who visited the photo booths. She was also selling work at the event.
And two of the girls running the photo booth. Veronica would photograph the people in the crazy props and Kallee would print them from her laptop. They were an great team truly.

 A few words about the event.... I'm really glad I did it. In part, because I proved to myself I could. So often with things in my life, I just worry about the big picture and ignore the small details. I couldn't do that with this Fair, with so many people counting on me... and I was able to actually do it. I remembered all the small things. I felt really good about how organized and thought out things were on the day. I had a lot of help admittedly. The Church members had tables, did a ton of baking, organized the penny sale and so much more. The girls ran the photo booth. A friend made the Tardis. I really just had to get vendors, advertise, and set up the photo booths and photo exhibit. Unfortunately, we don't have any photos of the exhibit and it was the original inspiration for the day. I was a bit disappointed with the turn out. I really wanted the vendors to sell things, and although I think most people made their table money back at least, there just weren't the sales I hoped for, or the number of people. That being said, although it wasn't perhaps a great event, it was definitely a GOOD event. The soup kitchen raised more than it's goal and the Teen Photographers will be able to purchase a studio light in no time.

I'm going to post more photos, of the actually goods that were being sold. If anyone is interested in anything you see, please let me know, and I will put you in contact with the vendor... I just realized that most of them don't have websites! I intended on linking to their sites here. I will also post on how to do a super fun amazing photo booth!

 Also, if people have advice, suggestions, or comments on this show, I'd love to hear, so that next time can be even better! Contact me at or comment below.

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