Monday, March 31, 2014

Art in the Scrapyard

Not this weekend, but the one before, a friend of mine came to visit from Owen Sound. The weather seemed like it would be nice, so I thought we could actually tour Dunnville, my town, which I love despite its weaknesses. We started at the Port Maitland pier... and we more or less finished there as well. It ended up being way too cold, for the amount of clothing we were wearing. The wind was brutal that day. I manage to snag a few pretty pictures though... so here they are.
Candra is a true photographer... she's laying ON THE PIER surrounded by ice and snow to get the photo she wants.
And yes, she's sitting in a dryer in the middle of the scrapyard, because it was the obvious thing to do.
There is Art everywhere you go, if you remember to see it.


Cassandra Brennan said...
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Cassandra Brennan said...

I absolutely love the photographs of the red bard and the one with the lighthouse far in the distance! Beautiful work! Check out my blog at