Friday, March 21, 2014

Around the Web: A Gingery Place

My desktop is full of bookmarks at the moment, and although I've never done an around the web type post, here are a few of things cluttering up my screen at the moment.

This article about the Craft Show and Fundraiser

The Free People Blog... I'm not as jazzed about the articles as much as I am in love with the photography.

I'm addicted to reading Thought Catalogue, and that started even before they published this piece about why gingers are so awesome. 

A friend of mine has started selling socially aware and eco-conscious children's books.

And I'm enjoying E-Mute and Sufjan Stevens. To be honest though, I'm mostly enjoying Sufjan's wings.

Finally, I have bookmarked this screen capture of the character Barbara Gordon in the new Arkham Origins game. I planned on going to Fan Expo as Black Widow... but I think a new costume has presented itself.
It would just seem wrong to not.

Anyway, there you have it!
Happy weekend friends!

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