Saturday, February 8, 2014

So... I spoke too soon

So the plan was to abandon this blog and start fresh with a new one, but basically, that's going to take just as much work as revising this one slightly, so I'm staying put for the time being. The thing is, I found this blog to be "trivial". I wasn't posting about things I really cared about as I tried to figure out my adult identity. I love crafting and all of that, but I need to get back to being socially aware. The future intent is, to keep posting the things that brighten my days, but now, also the things that cause those days to need brightening. Not every post will have photos. Maybe nobody will ever read them even, but it will give me a place to structure my thinking on the things that really matter (to me).

I am horribly dismayed by my country's political decisions, for example.
Everyday I am made more aware of just how much my town, and particularly its children, are faced with poverty.
I need to decrease my spending, and live a more minimalist life.
I want to define myself as an Artist, but I want to make a difference.

Here's my same old blog, with a new tune, but no less love for anyone who bothers to stop by and take a glance.


I'm trying! Really I am. I should probably remind myself everyday though, that would help.
Both of these images came from this blog, Love Inspires Change. She seems to have some interesting things to say about being a humanitarian. I'm need to read through more of her blog!


Andre Favron said...

Keep being real sista - I like reading about both the marvellous and the mundane in your life. It gives me a more real picture (did you get that photography pun? LOL) about who you really are: and isn't that the basic purpose of a blog?

Dora said...

I'm really happy to hear your are going to keep posting :) I'm gonna love stopping by and checking out all the new stuff. Love the new vibe