Monday, February 17, 2014

Our Canadian Colony

I am not suggesting we start a Revolution, at least not a violent one, but the thing is, something needs to change.

Our government participates in corruption, even in elections. Our poor continue to get poorer. Unemployment rates are high, and the job market is unstable, but what is new right? It seems to me more and more employers are opting to offer only temp work, or part-time positions, with no benefits (even though the link above indicates full-time jobs were created). Yet dislike of the poor hasn't really lessened. It's not like suddenly people have stopped saying "get a job and stop being a burden on the system". Hatred for unions has increased and reports spreading hatred for relief organizations and those afflicted has continued to prevail. Canada's social welfare state is systematically being dismantled, and our natural resources sold for profit to other countries, while utility prices continue to sky rocket. Sometimes I feel like Canada is a colony again, being exploited for its natural resources. This time, we're selling out to the US and not Britain. Also it's not a foreign  royalty making it happen, but our own leaders.

Even our institutions for protecting the vulnerable, our hospitals, the Children's Aid Society, our schools, are so under funded and over controlled by governments and politics that the workers can't even provide the services that they are expected to do. Then we blame the teachers, nurses, and social workers for failing to meet our expectations. We turn on each other. It's sad really.
Life on the streets in Toronto. She's still got a huge smile. A man skated up with the sub sandwich and gave it to her for lunch. She broke my heart. My friend took this photo, not me. 

But what kind of world do we live in where this still happens?

We're closer to living in a totalitarian regime than we've ever been, but people are complacent, "It's just the times, this too will pass" and that's true, but how far will we let it go first?

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