Wednesday, January 1, 2014

DIY Word Banner and friendship pin necklace

Pick a few colours of card stock. I used 8.5 x 11 that I bought at Michael's. I folded the card stock in quarters and cut it into four rectangles along the folds. This helps make sure all the letters are the same size. 
I typically use fishing line for banner-making, but obviously you can use any "string" you choose.
I cut approximately 4 feet of line for each section of the banner.
Then I fold the line in half and tape it either to the centre most letter or in the case of even numbered words, I tape the line to the back of the two letters on either side of the centre. So in the case of "2014" I taped the 0 and 1 first. Double check that you're not taping your letters backwards. It sounds silly but it's really easy to do. 
This is the banner I made for the New Year's Eve Eve Teen Photographers' Party. As you can see, I cut out the letters free hand, so a few of them are a tad wonky.

The party ended up being a lot of fun. I gave each girl a small gift, which included:
Sweet pins from Modern Girl Blitz, an etsy shop with Art designed to empower women.
Camera nail stickers from Stick It Vinyl, which I tried on my own nails. They are ridiculously easy to use, not too big for people with small finger nails, and very cute! 
And friendship pin necklaces that I made myself.
I bought chain from Michael's, and decorated safety pins with seed beads. Then I strung the pins on the chain through the circle part of the pin, not the body of the pin. I added jump rings and clasps to each necklace. The girls really seemed to like them, although they aren't familiar with the friendship pin trend of the 90s, being as most of them were born at the end of that era. 
Anyway, if you're ever looking for a cute, easy necklace to make... there you have it.
Happy New Year! 

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