Thursday, January 23, 2014

Babies are the Future! (I'm not having babies, yet)

I know I'm not alone, but I love babies. I went through a phase that I understand the appeal. I thought they were just weird, loud, smelly little things; but now I get it. They have so many expressions and such personality, only, they're little, tiny and perfect.

I've always been more of a documentary photographer. I like to preserve "the moment" and capture life as it's happening around me. It's difficult though to make a living off documentary and street photography, and even Fine Art.... so... I'm glad to have realized how much I enjoy photographing babies and small children. Actually children in general. It's much different than photographing adults, and more suited to my teacher instincts. I'd love any tips people can offer as I start this amazing journey.
I've already learned a few things.

1) Swaddle them. They love it.
2) Babies are a bit gooey. Pay attention to tiny noses and eyes or else you'll have more work in post.
3) It's not easy to get them in those adorable squished poses when they're awake, and sometimes even when they're asleep. They often like to stretch out or want to be held, when that's the exact opposite of what you're going for... so, you go with it. They're definitely still gonna be cute, so appreciate every bit of cuteness they present to you. 
4) Babies look perfect in soft natural light.

I'm sure there are other things I'll learn a long the road. 
I'm offering sessions cheap for a bit longer and I have some super fun conceptual shoots coming up!

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