Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas Decor: DIY Style

My favourite colour combination right now is blue and pink, so I decided to do a blue and pink Christmas, and least, it started out that way. The below photos are from a few weeks ago, when I started decorating. I have since finished, or nearly, but you can get the general idea from these images.
This little comic book store was suppose to be a joke birthday present, but it seemed just a bit too silly, so I kept it.
I love the colour of this blue garland.
I'm really into pretty dioramas in fun colours right now, so I made one. I think I'm going to design one as a blog header.
I bought this little nativity set at Bronner's in Michigan (the giant Christmas store). There were so many cute sets from all over the world. This one is made from bread dough. 
I really wanted to pick up some pink bottle brush trees this year, but I settled for green and white. They still look cute next to the little paper houses. The pattern was from a Martha Steward Craft book but there are tons of patterns online for simple (or complex) paper houses. Normally they're covered in glitter. I decided not to. I might yet though.
I added more paper trees to the opposite side of the nativity scene. The bottom shelf is a miniature kitchen set with Christmas coffee... I don't have enough minis for it to be Christmas dinner. 
I really enjoyed making the paper crafts to decorate with this year. It wasn't very expensive because Michael's had so many colours of cardstock on sale. Next year maybe I'll try more complicated designs. 

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Dora said...

The little nativity set is so cute!