Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Clouds, hearts and pink

I really like crafty clouds, not that real clouds aren't cool too, but I mean, I really love the cute ones you see in handmade shops and on pinterest, so I made a few of my own.
Found here
Found here
Then I made this little heart cross-stitch, in my new favourite colour combination, found here

I am currently in love with re-ment miniatures. I mostly collect the tea and coffee sets. I will however, collect any mini tea and coffees not just re-ment.

I've been hosting a teenager photographer night twice a month. We have a lot of fun. This was from the cosplay/learning to shoot action night.
Yes, this photo is more than a little scary. The wig and lashes were for the cosplay night, which by the way, I didn't end up using at the time. I made the antlers just because it seemed like a good idea. I can't remember where I first saw a pair but I thought they were super cute. 

And... there you have it. What fun fall projects have you been doing? I'd love for you to link so I can see!

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Teddi said...

crafty clouds do remind me of you. do you remember those photo prompts you did with the 30 days of lovely? those twice a month photo shoots look and sound like a blast!