Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Documenting Vacation

These are the last photographs I'm going to share from my trip to Sturgeon Bay Provincial Park. I call these images my documentary photographs.

1) A cement block to tie your boat to. I like that it said "Camp".
2) The campsite at night. All the trailers would be lit up. It looked really pretty.
3) We ate lots of corn.
4) And had a camp fire every night.
5) On the last day, we went out on the boat... there was a rock that looked like a skull maybe by the tides.
6 - 8) Liz, Joe and I went hiking in a nearby provincial park. This boardwalk crossed the marsh. It was really crooked and creaky, so it felt like you'd fall threw. It wasn't deep though, but I did worry a bit about my camera.
9) Liz and her puppy. The puppy is going to be a rather large lap dog, but she loves sitting on Liz's lap. She's not aware she's far too big and only getting bigger.
10) Relaxing by the water
11) I photographed a lot of plants and other fauna on this trip. Most of them I posted as part of the "Fine Art" post.

I hope that everyone enjoyed their vacations this year. Lots of love xoxo


Teddi said...

looks like you had a very nice time charity! i dig your documentary photos. :)

Milex said...

oh yeah <3