Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cosplayers at Fan Expo

Last weekend, I attended Fan Expo Toronto in order to see Norman Reedus, and of course, photograph some cosplayers. Now, it was really busy, so I didn't take as many photos as I hoped, in part because there was no room to actually take photos, and in part, because I didn't want to stop traffic. Anyway, posted below are photographs of some of my favourite costumes. I almost wish I had dressed up. The most popular costumes this year were Dr. Who, anything Dr. Who related,Wolverine and of course the usual Star Wars characters. 

These three are just too cute! 
Sailor Moon is the girl I waited in line with for two hours to get my Norman Reedus photo. She wore those little red heels all day! 

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XellesDuskwalker said...

LoTR Family. Dwarven father, Elven mother, Hobbit boys and Elven girl.

This is what I want my family to be like one day... assuming I ever have one.