Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Today I love...

You! Obviously!
But also this camera I picked up at the Library yard sale.
I haven't tried it yet, but it even came with a handheld light meter which I haven't figured out how to use but I have the manual.
Post cards! The rabbit one is from my lovely pen pal Astrid, and I think it's one of my favourite postcards ever. The other one is from Tawain. I lately signed up for www.postcrossing.com
Glittery orange nail polish on my toes
And gold nail polish on my fingernails.
I also added glitter polish to the heart and spiral rings because they were tarnished and looking horrible. 
I finished the camera and face rings yesterday.

I'm not going to say I love the crafts I made, but as you probably realize, I love crafting.
I had some extra scraps of fabric so I made this.
It's really weird.

I also finished these two necklaces, which are less weird for sure.
This wasn't my own design, but I picked the colours.
I made these little felties ages ago. I glued them on to pins to make them brooches. Weetzie did not enjoy having the pin on her harness.
I loved spending the morning in the sun with my rabbits. Nelson really loved playing in the grass. 
Weetzie just lay down and went to sleep.
Here's to summer and furry bunny friends.


Drama Queens Mum (Kimberly) said...

Love your shirt, ring & the bunny.

Teddi said...

oh those rabbit photos of nelson and weetzie are so delightful! hooray to charity, making cute things. :) can't wait to see what the photos will look like with your new to you, old camera.

♥ BohoBookLover ♥ said...

Your bunny is so cuuute ♥
Omgness, I love your rings!