Saturday, June 1, 2013

Painting with Night time Light

 My latest favourite kind of photography is night time photography, using a slow shutter. Shooting fireworks is always fun anyway, but if you delay the shutter you even catch the smoke patterns in the sky. Anyway, here's a few of my latest creations.
The bottom photos were taken at Port Maitland Pier about ten minutes from my house. I didn't make the starbursts in post or use any filters. I was shooting with a really shallow depth of field (f2.4). To be perfectly honest, I remember deliberately choosing to shoot that way, but I can't think what the logic was being as I was deliberately trying to use longer exposures and an aperture that small would let in a whole ton of light. Nope, I remember. The remote I was using to trigger the shutter wasn't functioning properly on "B" mode. So I had to make sure the shutter was set to speed that the camera could handle without my manually determining the length. So it was probably a 30 second shutter approximately.
Also, if you're interested, I played around a lot with different white balances. My favourite was incandescent. But I think all of these were set for flash.

Sorry, a lot of camera gibberish. If you trying to learn more about night photography and come across this post and want to know more, just send me an email



Lisa said...

That's so cool, i love the way they came out.

Teddi said...

oh my freaking gorgeous! charity, i am continually in awe of your photography. :)