Sunday, June 16, 2013

Left over photos

The other evening it was warm and glowy outside, so I took some daisies and my vintage camera collection and just went and made photographs. I love when I can phase out the world and just snap the shutter. It's a good feeling. In fact, when teaching started to stress me out, that's exactly why I decided to switch occupations. I sat down one day and thought, "what things make me happy?". Photography was the one thing that has consistently brought me happiness throughout most of my life. (Actually that and research, seriously research of all things, the only problem with research is, it gets hard to do for a lot of hours at a time, simply because it can involve sitting for prolonged periods of time and I prefer to move around). So here I am... still loving photography, missing research, but not really missing teaching, although I do miss my kids from time to time. 

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