Saturday, June 15, 2013

I'm "Born-Again" and what that actually means

Here's the things guys.... being a "born-again" Christian isn't as freakish as you might think. It certainly does not mean I condone the actions of a lot of "Christian" organizations getting media attention right now. People are constantly pointing to the hypocrisy of organized religion and guess what?... I don't agree with that either! Religion, being as it's practised by HUMANS, tends to be full of hypocrisy. What anti-Christianity people fail to realize is that it's the people not the faith itself, that's flawed. People can make anything corrupt. Democracy, Communism, Christianity, Freedom, Peace, all of these things should work... but they don't. Not because the ideas themselves are flawed but because people are inherently imperfect.

Anyway, what is being "born again"? Honestly, here's what it is. Instead of just being good to get into Heaven ... which we've already established is impossible for humans, I believe that Jesus gave His own life to cover up all my flaws. By accepting His sacrifice as an atonement for my sins, I take on His own flawless nature and give up all my imperfections. Thus a "born-again" Christian, is born again... in the image of Christ. It's not that weird guys, seriously. This also does not mean that I believe I'm perfect, or that I look down on ANYONE who doesn't agree with me.

Here's the other shocker... I believe GOD IS LOVE! So... if I'm born again in the image of Christ... guess how I need to act?... I have to LOVE PEOPLE. In fact, I have to love and forgive EVERYONE if I truly want to walk in what I believe. 

I guess the point of all this is, don't judge me or assume I'm some kind of freak because I believe in love. Maybe just ask me what it's all about. I know you're trying to be PC and not ask, but it's really just easier if you're straight up about your assumptions.

I'm also going to write three more posts on this at a later time...
1) How Christianity is not to blame for all the problems in the world (I seriously want to do my Ph.D. on this, because it's such a common assumption that it's actually considered fact in most History books).
2) How Being a Christian Child in the Public Education System SUCKS!
3) How being a Jesus Freak is actually about loving people and most of the Bible is actually about love...

Enjoy your Saturday friends. I love you (and not even because I have to!)


Amanda Rose said...

Great post. My biggest challenge is trying to love the people who bother me more than the people who I like.

Amanda Rose

Tatiana said...

good rant! although I don't have a strong belief system, I do agree that people should just accept other's beliefs and learn about them.