Saturday, June 15, 2013

Hair as a Photography Filter?! And daisies

I love that I look like I'm scowling in this photo... it's so inconsistent with the daisies. I really wasn't. In fact, I knew I wanted to double exposure it, so I was going for thoughtful.

This is somewhat random, but you know what works great as a "filter" in photos... Hair.
Sometimes, as in the photo under the photo of me laying on the grass... I let my hair fall into photos, it sometimes has an interesting effect. In this case, just adding a bit of orange to the edge of the photo.

Also, I have to go make-up free for a few days. I actually really enjoy make-up so it's weird.
I think I look younger without it... although I did have to do a bit of photoshop since the reason I'm going without make-up is a reaction to something or another... so my skin in the photo is smoother than it would be otherwise... but seriously, I didn't really take out any wrinkles or anything. 

This was suppose to be a text free post... why am I such a chatty one?

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Amanda Rose said...

I really love these photos. Especially the last one!Scowl or not!

Amanda Rose