Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Summer is for Hide and Seek and Picnics.

I love Church picnics. I always have. I can't believe how old these kids have gotten. I couldn't believe how perfect the light was that day for photos. I hope everyone enjoyed their Memorial Day weekend. Obviously Canadians had their holiday the weekend before (Victoria Day!) so these photos are super behind, as usual.
This last image is my favourite.
All the ones where the kids look like their dancing...
they were playing kick the can, a version of hide-n-seek.
They ask to play it every year. And they go forever.
Then again, my cousins and I and their neighbours played it every night for hours in the summers.
I guess I can't judge.
This year we used a pylon instead of a can, because usually we play with a pop can. Pop cans get crushed very, very fast and then you can't kick them or see them in the grass to kick to them.

I'm always reminded that teens are still just kids in so many ways.
People forget that in their hasty judgements of teenagers as rebellious, trouble-makers.
We find what we look for in each other. If it's negative, that's all we'll see.
Look for innocence, and you see a group of sweet kids having fun.

Although admittedly, these kids are very sweet kids anyway. I'm not sure ANYONE would see them any other way, unless they were Scrooge or something.

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Teddi said...

having worked at a high school, i agree with you about teens. it seemed like people often treated them as little children or adults instead of in the middle. great pics of a lovely day, such emotion and fun. looks like summer.