Thursday, May 16, 2013

Seeing Beauty in Everything: Fine Art Project

Here's a little preview of the Fine Art Photography I'm selling as soon as I get around to printing them and listing them for sale. I decided to limit the selection, so each print will be limited edition, signed and square. I haven't yet decided on what sizes to make available or what size. 

I find marketing myself very stressful. I prefer when things fall into my lap. Then again, who doesn't?
My favourites are with the red umbrella. I always meant to do a whole series with the umbrella as the centralizing item but then I had other projects and that one got forgotten. It's kind of fun, maybe I'll have to pick it up again. 

Our world sure is beautiful, isn't it?


Teddi said...

i agree that our world is a beautiful place, and i like to see how you view it. through the camera. such sigh worthy moments.

oh so lovely said...

You have some beautiful images! my favorite is the one of the feris wheel...I love how you view things!!