Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Flowers for Dad and Ending Strife

This is a slightly odd blog post and a week behind. Last Friday, May 17th, my daddy had been gone for 14 years. People tell you the pain gets less or the hole in your heart gets smaller, but it's not true. You just learn to live with it as part of yourself. As the years go by, you realize how many things the person has missed, and how many times you wish you had them there when they weren't. My dad is buried in Grimsby in a very pretty old Anglican cemetery. That at least, always makes me happier. I've always thought it would be a lovely cemetery to photograph, but I always feel strange photographing cemeteries. I did however, take a few, but they don't do it justice.

I will post the flowers that I planted this year.
My shoes are in the photo, for a reason I will explain at a later time.
I thought these were very pretty flowers. I have planted daisies and coneflowers in the past, but none seem to have re-appeared this year.

I guess I called this an odd post, because it feels a little bit morbid or maybe shallow.... but as I've resolved to document more, as a forever historian and archivist at heart... it seems to make sense.

On another note, I read this yesterday.....

"Make a quality decision today to shut the door on strife. Refuse to argue with people. Refuse to fight back when people criticize or wrong you. Determine instead to respond in love - take no account of the evil done to you." 

"Instead of stepping into the turbulent stream of strife, you'll choose to yield to the peaceful flow of love"

~ Gloria Copeland, Limitless Love

This is who I want to be.

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Teddi said...

charity, i love you. be true to yourself. the flowers are very pretty. i can tell that the place where your dad is buried is lovely too. i didn't find this post morbid at all.