Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Anti-depressants in your future? READ THIS PLEASE!

I know a lot of bloggers struggle with various levels of depression....
here's one thing I want to say.... unless you're about to jump off a bridge... NEVER EVER EVER take Effexor. The withdrawl symptoms when you want to stop are OUT OF THIS WORLD BAD. That being said, it was the only medication that was AT ALL effective for me... but honestly, I wish I had done more research.

I'm a lucid dreamer normally. I control my dreams to a large extent. Not when I'm in withdrawls. I get trapped in nightmares to the point that I actually woke myself up screaming "help!" The next morning I could barely walk, I had so many brain pulses, I was nauseous. I actually felt worse than when I'm really sick. And... the kicker... I wasn't even trying to get off the drug. I simply didn't refill my prescription in time.

I'm not a big advocate for blogging my personal issues but I feel really strongly that people need to know this.

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Ngaio May said...

I'm so sorry you had to go through that! Sounds horrible!

Thanks for being brave and sharing for others to know though!

love, Ngaio xx