Monday, April 8, 2013

Welcome to my world... again

So now that I actually have a few spare minutes, I looked through my iphone and found a ton of photos that I took to share moments on my blog that I obviously never shared. In my defense, I only lately learned about dropbox and my iphone cord wasn't properly connecting my computer so it was really difficult to share photos between the two. I'm never going to get them all into one post.... so here's a bunch to get me started
I started painting the charms for the jewellery I make.
They looked really cute, but I never wear that necklace.

Sarah made me delicious cupcakes for my birthday. The icing was steamed and it tasted like marshmallows even though there was no marshmallows in it.
I've loved the bookworm Momijis since I first saw them. I found one at Winner's for $5.00.
Studio time! Our concept was fresh vs. processed foods. Fresh foods win, obviously!
I saw this little fellow at the pet store. I can't remember what kind of guinea pig he is, but he's perfect!
Joe reading comics on the GO Train. This one was particularly funny since it's from the 1970s and Iron Man
uses really bizarre phrases, which I can't remember at the moment, so the point is pointless (haha)

My college has a ridiculously small library. So those stacks? That's the extent of it.
I found this sweater and those necklaces when I went to Toronto.
I love the giant heart and the necklaces were only $1.80 each and so cute.
In the bottom photo I'm showing you my socks and sweater match. It seemed like a good idea at the time.
The sweater and necklaces are from Forever 21.


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Teddi said...

i adore those colors you painted the feather necklace. you know i have a thing for feathers. that does look like a small college library. i remember you saying you loathed doing food photography. do you still? that heart sweater is very you ms. charity. i used to match my blouse with my socks. now that i live in texas, i hardly ever wear socks.