Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Grand River at Night

Put your camera on a tripod. Leave the shutter open for a few minutes. 
It works best if you photograph water or light that is moving.
These images don't even show the cool things you can do.
Some photographers make these exposures over hours.
The easiest thing to do is use a shutter remote so you don't have to hold the shutter down on the actually camera and risk camera shake.

Lately I've been loving long exposure and multiple exposures and all that weird but awesome stuff.
Do you have any other cool techniques?
I'd love to know!


Ngaio May said...

So cool! These photos came out so well! I wish I had a camera to take cool photos with! One day! :)

Also, loving the new blog look! Cute little rabbits!

Ngaio xx

Lisa said...

Very cool pictures!

Teddi said...

i don't have any techniques, but these are all city like and electrified. :)