Sunday, April 28, 2013

Tackiness is Wonderful: Spring Fashion Week Last Day

I never finished the last day of the Spring Fashion Week. I took the pictures but didn't post them, so here they are.
Guys! I really do look like Jennifer Lawrence!
This is sort of more of a normal outfit for me. 
Jeans, a sweater, untied sneakers, braids or pony tails.
My friend, Joe and I went into "the city" as we fondly call Hamilton.
I'm in love with falafel. I always get it in a wrap. I also always smell after I eat it, but it's so worth it.
We also stopped at a comic book shop so I could add some new Funko Pop Vinyls to my collection. I only ended up getting one this time (I was good)
I added Glenn to my Daryl and Rick Walking Dead figures.
Then I got a new dress and necklace but I think I'll post that tomorrow.
Isn't this cross so delightfully tacky?
Which brings me to my next point.

Since I'm not into fashion particularly but I have a very large accessory collection, for reasons I can't explain because I never wear any of it, and if I do try to, I usually take the rings or necklaces off before I even get back home again..... I thought instead of outfit posts, I'll just do a feature on accessories! 
That way, I can just wear my jeans, tees and cardigans... then add some of the crazy pieces I have hidden away in my closet. 

Sweater: Forever 21
Cross necklace Forever 21
Jeans: GAP
Sneakers: Airwalks
Socks: Um, Walmart????

I hope in the near future to start buying more local and handmade goods.
I'm not sure if I can do it, because I love Forever 21 and H&M too much, but we will see.


maria said...

love the 'feature on accessories' idea! And your socks are amazingly fun! Love the colours :)

deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

hah. that top photo made me laugh. it kind of reminded me of a jennifer lawrence barbie.

Teddi said...

i thought that first photo was a barbie doll. i really did. did you ever read pippi longstocking? i loved those books. that's what this outfit reminds me of, complete and total fun. the end.