Friday, April 12, 2013

Niagara College Photography Show April 2013

 School is done! We celebrated with the annual photography exhibition. Each student displays two images. The professors select them but out of a selection of images that students submit. I didn't actually take ANY pictures of the work. Just point and shoot pictures with a few of the people I will miss.
See this girl... I couldn't have made it through the two years without her. We met because I heard there was another girl in the program... also approximately 30, also with a graduate degree and also a former teacher.... I sent her a facebook message basically saying "let's be friends". We went to a Christmas parade with a few of my other friends from home. Since then, more or less inseparable. She is such a crazy hard worker and amazing photographer... see her work here. I'm going to miss her so much. I have her a hug good bye and burst into tears.
 Also I made bowties for the show for Candra, her sister and myself. I didn't end up wearing mine but Candra did.

These are the two photographs I had in the Show.

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