Thursday, April 25, 2013

Libraries, Peace and War, and Childhood: Spring Fashion Week

And again, I'm a day behind on my Spring Fashion Week posts. Yesterday I went to Conflict Resolution Training, so I made some silly photos to go with that theme.
I don't even really know what to say about these... so I think I'll just say nothing.
After that, I went to talk to one of the reporters with our local newspaper about doing some freelance work.
It dawned on me that I've been writing and wanting to be a writer since I was in grade 2. Our teacher taught us to "publish" books and once I started I couldn't stop. Only in those days, all my books ended with "And they all wished for peace on earth".

It made me wonder why I've been obsessed with "peace" since I was so little and I remember being very aware of the Gulf War and thinking it was close to Canada and having nightmares in Kindergarten about my dolls being in a war zone. How do children process war and peace? I wish I could remember when I first learned about war... and in turn peace.

So basically, it's a been a conflict resolution type of day.
This is my dress. I love it. It's really comfortable.
Being as it's still quite cool here though, I had to wear a sweater (or three).
When I want to look smart I wear my glasses... when I want to look like a librarian I make this face. 
My library isn't dead quiet and I rarely shush people... and I don't think any libraries are these days. There are so many people and programs, far too full of life. 
And this is my ring. I didn't wear it today, I just wanted to show you because it's funny. It's too big though.

Dress: Modcloth
Pants: GAP
Sweater: H&M
Glasses: Vera Wang
Ring: Ardene's

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deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

oh my gosh. that dress! it's perfect!

Rachael said...

This outfit is PERFECTION! The photos are SO entertaining and I just adore your blog!

Rachel said...

I knew that was a Modcloth dress! I've loved that dress on their website from the very first time I visited them!

Teddi said...

those are some photos. i adore that dress pretty librarian. peace has always been a part of you. i didn't know you wanted to be a writer. :)

jaclynn said...

You are so fun and funky. Love it!!

katie said...

fun photos! such a creative take on bringing your week into fashion week. love modcloth, and LOVE that dress -- fun color, and it looks comfy!