Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I love my life: More iphone updates

A girl at school wanted to borrow a bunny for some Easter photographs. Weetzie rode with me, inside my vest. She was a hit and no one wanted to give her back to me.

The day we had an indoor picnic. Jennah is just so cute.

  Apparently in his world, it's okay to climb down over a bridge with expensive studio lights and take pictures. That being said, the photos were beautiful!

 After the bridge, we moved to an alley. Dunnville has a very pretty alley... if you can get past the pigeon droppings (which were not at all attractive)

For another photo, I made a tent. And Jessie Lee enjoyed hanging out it in with Wilson the dog. Her feet are actually sticking out of the tent on the other side.

I have changed and reorganized my space a least 5 times lately. This isn't how it looks presently.


Teddi said...

charity, what fun peeks into your world! i want to see the other ways you rearranged the space. i'm so bad at that. i hardly ever rearrange or redecorate.

Micah Zierer-Clyke said...

Technically I climbed down then you guys passed me the lights anyways so worth it!!

yea I read your blog from time to time