Monday, April 22, 2013

Hearts and Crosses Outfit Post: Spring Fashion Week

So.... I did this yesterday, and didn't post it... making me officially a day behind and it's only the 3rd day!
I will get caught up today though.
This outfit was my... I don't feel like dressing up yet I'm going to Church and then immediately afterwards, work.
I normally love nail polish, but the Library guarantees I will have horrible looking nail polish by the end of the first shift. So I've cut back... sadly.
I have a problem. I love costume jewellery. I buy tons of it... but it irritates me when I wear it.
These rings made it through Church but I took them off by the time I got to work.
The engagement ring is my great grandma's Art Deco ring. She wasn't partial to it, but I wear it anyway.
I'm really into crosses, hearts and ear cuffs.... even when the cuffs hurt my ears.
This is my favourite cuff, so it got it's own picture.
I have a matching set, but they really dig in if they're not positioned exactly right.

Sweater - Forever 21
Infinity scarf - Ardene's
Cross earrings - Forever 21
Pants - Suzy Shier standard dress pants
Small band ear cuff - H&M
Large ear cuff -
Wings ring - H&M
Large pink ring - Ardene's
Art Deco ring - Family heirloom

Link up to Spring Fashion Week here!


Carolynn Markey said...

Aargh a heart sweater! I bought one yesterday at target! Love it and your rings!!!

Modest Momma said...

I LOVE your sweater!!! I wanted a heart sweater for winter, but I couldn't find one. :/ It's awesome and you are a doll! I love all your jewelery, too!

deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

oh! i love your sweater. and your scarf. and your feather ring. and your eye makeup! you are so cute. :)

melindarose said...

Oh my gosh...those rings, that sweater! Everything in this outfit is too cute!

Rachel said...

I love your eye makeup, for one thing. And I don't want to ever get my ears pierced again, so I think ear cuffs are a great option (even though I quite believe you that they can be a little painful) Your fancy one is gorgeous!

Judy C said...

Such a cute outfit, and I love the wings ring!

Charlotte said...

1. your hair is, once again, looking fabulous. I have hair envy right now.

2. your eye makeup is rocking!

3. I've never thought about ear cuffs! though I'm sure they wouldn't last a whole day on my ears. they are definitely different, and edgy, and I'm definitely going to start hunting...

Rachael said...

Whoa! Pink eyeliner! And cool cuffs! Awesome. You've got some great style!

katie said...

really digging that penultimate photo -- your cute expression, nonchalant top-knot, awesome makeup, oh-hey-i-just-threw-this-on-don't-i-look-amazing outfit.