Monday, April 1, 2013

Dress-Up Yet Again

As you have probably realized, sometimes I enjoy playing dress-up.
Last Saturday I had studio time so I finished up my assignments and then took a few shots, so I could practice editting in photo shop. By editting, I mean I did a bit of liquifying as well as smoothing out my skin.

And there you have it, complete and total glamour shots, but honestly a lot of fun to do.
The bottom image is a re-creation of a photo I found online, but I don't have it on this computer.
I even changed my hair colour a bit to make it pop more... like the woman's hair in the photo.
Eventually I should turn this into a diy post, but I'm still finishing up school assignments... so that will have to wait. Only a few more weeks until freedom!

The top photo looks less liquified but I actually changed the shape of my face more. The bottom picture, I just moved my chin and nose a tiny bit. The bottom picture I smoothed my skin a lot more. You can tell just by looking at... I'm freckle-less!


Tatiana said...

loving the goggles- very steampunk :3 and your hair looks so pretty too! I'd love to have that colour all the time :)

Teddi said...

you are learning so much while having fun too, right? :)