Monday, April 1, 2013

Craft Therapy

When I'm not at work or I need a break from school work, I cross-stitch and make things.
Currently, I'm obsessed with neon, so I've been painting everything in fun hues and then re-painting them because the neon shades are watery and don't cover up what's underneath.

I've also been collaging - with triangles cut out of magazines and words. I even have a jar for my word collection.
I promised someone a present so I attempted to cross-stitch the Avengers picture. When I finished it, it was too big for the frame, so I cut of Nick Fury. Then it was too small for the frame. I ended up framing one of my photographs. What do you do as therapy? Suggestions?

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Teddi said...

hooray for charity and her creations! :)